When I can I will try and post up fishing reports of the lakes I go to the most, so check back often for more reports from Cedar Creek Lake, KY Lake, Lake St. Clair, Guntersville and others!

I went out to Cedar Creek Lake for the fist time in 2018 yesterday. The morning air temperature was about 26 with surface water temps ranging between 48-49. Water was stained, but with 1-2′ of visibility. As the sun got higher and the day got warmer, lots of bass boats came out, I estimated 60+ boats on the water! Please be courteous to other people on the water, this is a small lake with lots of boats and kayaks, please show respect to each other!!

There is still a lot of bait and bass hanging deeper in the 17-22 foot range around the mouths of the creeks and the channels, but I could not get them to bite anything, and most others I talked to were not having much luck either. As the day got warmer the backs of the creeks warmed up to 56, which was the warmest water I found all day. I caught 5 bass all on a redcraw squarebill crankbait, the key was to crash it into as much wood cover as I could find, all of my bites came after 2:00 pm towards the back of the creeks. my 5 fish were 19.75″, 18.75″, 18.5″, 17.5″ and 15″. Biggest was 5lbs and change, all of these fish were very fat and healthy and gearing up for the spawn. Later in the day the backs of the creek were beginning to clear up substantially.

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